Week 6 with SpineBenders: That Time of the Month Books + A Twist

Welcome back guys! So another week has passed and that means another topic had been covered by SpineBenders. This week we are talking about that time of the month books. BUT WAIT! That is not all! Cathee challenged us to do the video this week in a British (English or whatever you want to call it) accent. So you guys want to see how everybody's videos turned out? Keep on reading~ 🙂

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Week 1 with SpineBenders: Introduction

Hi guys, so some of you who watched my Stacking the Shelves video a few weeks ago or follow me on twitter knows that I am in a YouTube vloggers collaboration. And basically we are called…

The group consists of Cathee, Malyza, Paige, Parajunkee, Savy, and I. 🙂 Cathee was nice enough to contact everyone and started this whole thing. Malyza came up with the beautiful name. Parajunkee made all the cool logo and intros. Savy helped convert the intro into .mov ;). So the whole gist of SpineBenders is that we post videos on certain given days. I post my videos on Saturday. And each week we will discuss a topic. And the first week has past. So I am basically making a post about it…

So if you haven't already, go subscribe to us: YouTube Channel: SpineBenders

And here is what basically happened in the first week:

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