About Me

I am Ashley. As you can tell from the gifs above…I am an awkward person.

I am a Canadian teenage blogger.

I love to read young adult and juvenile books.
A few of my favourite authors include, Will Hill, Jenny Nimmo, Lemony Snicket, Beth Revis, Rick Riodan, Anna Banks, Scott Westerfeld, and Patrick Carman.

I have a passion to write and explore the literary world but am just opening my pedals.

I have a close family and a wonderful sister, Stella (sometimes you can find Stella posting on my blog). They are all so supportive and loving but once in a while, we get into a fight.

I love Pixar and Disney movies.Belle is my favouriteprincess and the caterpillar from A Bug’s Life was my first movie crush. 😛 I secretly wish I can meet Barbie and have an out of this world adventure with her.

I am also a comic freak (especially toward DC Comics). Batman is my one true love. Dick Grayson is not so far behind ;).
I love watching sports and cheer on my favourite athletes! Messi, Federer, Rafa, you guys will always be in my Hall of Fame.

I love to watch Supernatural, Merlin, Pan Am, Touch, Young Justice, Totally Spies, Martin Mystery, and many more shows on TV.

I just started rewatching anime. (I grew up on anime but stopped when I was a tween). Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is my favourite…so far. I loved Bleach and am currently watching Naruto. Oh yes, I have a current obsession with Kuroko no Basket.

I LOOOOOOVE Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I still rememberingwatching the premier of the first episode of AtLA on YTV.

 <<<<Yup that’s me, foam guy. So without me going complete fangirlon you, I better wrap this up.

So this is me, one crazy book lover, conquering one book at a time.
Oh yeah, if you want to contact me…


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